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                    1. 2019-3
                      • 综合指数:222.65
                      • 上月:231.14
                      • 环比: -3.67%
                      • 去年同期:256.05
                      • 同比: -13.05%
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                      Refractories?Directory?App?is?a?mobile?application?that sources from Refractories Window database (www.refwin.com) to?help refractories?practitioners?get?more?convenient?access?to their suppliers and end-users amongst the whole supply chain, covering raw materials suppliers, refractory products producers, traders, contractors, equipment providers and end-users etc., with all information synchronous update.

                      *?Updated?contacts of manager of supply, sales and technical departments in target suppliers or potential buyers;

                      *?Accurate searching by products, company name, regions and company categories to help access to ideal partner in different countries and regions;

                      *?Up-to-date offers to understand current market changes;

                      *?Effective and efficient working assistant, especially for business travelling.

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