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                    1. 2019-3
                      • 综合指数:222.65
                      • 上月:231.14
                      • 环比: -3.67%
                      • 去年同期:256.05
                      • 同比: -13.05%
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                      Refwin App
                      • 扫二维码,下载Refwin App

                      Refwin App is a mobile client application that integrates the data resources of www.refwin.com and helps refractories practitioners to get more convenient access to industry information and relevant data.

                      * Updated product price, in-depth market analysis and all-sided price trend can help you to be always in the market forefront;

                      * Statistical data, including global suppliers, buyers and import & export data can help you make better decisions in terms of operating management;

                      * Overall industry news, high-end interviews, company news and industry exhibitions/conferences can keep you be informed with big minds and important events;

                      * Abundant resources of enterprises and professional procurement can help you find the right suppliers and buyers.

                      You can also customize what you are interested and let us know what we can help you.

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